Brigitte's Romantic Retreat

Old World Hospitality
in a Quaint Victorian Setting


Porch Sitting Allowed

Brigitte's Romantic Retreat
101 Sixth Street
Apalachicola, FL 32320
850-653-3270 | Fax 850-514-4366

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The way Bed & Breakfast was meant to be!

Stroll through our private rose garden, sit under the arbor next to the fountain and fish pond, relax in the hollywood lounge, or romantically swing your sweetheart as she sits on the old fashioned rope swing hanging from the 150 year old magnolia tree.

If you sit quietly, you may notice the hummingbirds as they dart among the flowers. Enjoy an afternoon tea while nestled on antique patio furniture on the shaded brick patio.

Wake up to a great "German style" breakfast of fresh rolls and bread, an assortment of hams and sausages, a selection of cheeses, homemade jams, fresh honey, juice, boiled egg, and rich fresh-brewed European coffee.

Find out more. Visit our Home Page . . . better yet, visit Brigitte's Romantic Retreat, the way Bed & Breakfast was meant to be.

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