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Professional Business Brokers are trained and experienced in the process of selling and buying businesses. In the state of Florida, Business Brokers must be licensed to sell real estate (since land and buildings are often a part of a business) and are regulated by the Florida Department of Professional Regulation.

As a result, many of the stages of selling or buying a business require specific forms which meet the requirements of state law.

Business Brokers must also declare themselves to represent the Seller, the Buyer, neither the Seller or the Buyer (Nonrepresentation Brokerage) with no responsibilities to either party, or they may be a Transactional Broker with only limited representation for both the buyer and seller.

A Business Broker is expected to advertise a business For Sale, usually done only in a circumspect manner to protect the ongoing aspects of the business. The Broker will conduct most of the preliminary negotiations and initate final negotiations which are often handled by the attorneys for each party.

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